Automatic Door Handing

Automatic Sliding Doors

For panic situations power operated doors are required to breakaway(swing-open). This requirements splits them into two categories: Full Breakout(Inside Slide), and Partial Breakout(Outdide Slide). AS the names imply on partial breakaway doors only the moving panels open for emergency egress on full breakaway doors both moving and stationary panels open for emergency egress.

To hand sliding doors stand on the ouside of the door the emergency egress should allow the doors to open in this direction. At the center of the doors everything to the right is Right Hand and everything to the left is Left Hand. For single slide applications the jamb to which the door closses would be considered the center.

Automatic Swinging Doors

Swinging doors come in two basic configurations. Right hand and left hand.

For paired doors treat each side as its own door for handing.

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